Getting Christmas Started on the Santa Express at Statfold Barn Railway

Santa Express Statfold Barn Railway

When it comes to paying a visit to the man himself (Santa, Father Christmas, Mr Claus whatever you like to call him. Santa Christmas is the latest favourite in our house) we always like to try and find a new experience. We only see one Father Christmas in the festive season and, like most things in life, we like to find something just a little bit different, or out of the ordinary. To find somewhere you get the whole Christmas experience with bonus points if it can also double up as a day out in itself.

Staycity ApartHotels – A Great Choice For Families

Staycity Apartments

Let it be said that we are not one of these families who can bundle in the same bed in the same hotel room like you see so many do and come out happy the other side.

You know the ones, they all fall into a slumber legs wrapped around one another thinking how wonderful life is as the sun goes down just outside the window. They wake up right next to the loves of their entire lives, feeling breath on their face with the synchronised rise and fall of chests, aching with happiness.

Pumpkin Picking at Scaddows Farm | Derbyshire

pumpkin patch picking shadows farm Derbyshire

Call me humbug (or whatever the Halloween equivalent is, spoil sport maybe) but I really am not a fan of Halloween. Specifically the spooky aspect. I scare easy, am afraid of masks and just generally don’t buy into the whole intensity of it or see the point, especially for the children. Don’t even get me started on the sweets and chocolate element that seem to overtake every ‘holiday’!

However, pumpkin spice and all things nice, as the saying goes; I am all for. Wholesome autumnal goodness with fields covered in orange hues, hay bales, chunky knits, big scarves and bobble hats, soup with chunks of bread smothered in butter and hot cups of coffee in hand as the trees change before your eyes. Then, I’m your gal.

Pumpkin picking subsequently is one of my favourite traditions.