DIY Sleepover Party

Sleepover party

For her 9th birthday Eva decided she wanted a sleepover. Easy right?

We’ve never actually had a sleepover at all. She likes her space when she sleeps and the closest she’s ever got is camping with Eddy and another family where she shared her tent with a friend. Yet here she was asking for not one, not two, but SEVEN of her friends to sleepover at our house. Not JUST a sleepover *insert M&S advert voiceover here*. No. A sleepover party.

Why We Love Our Elf On The Shelf

Home made activity advent calendar

Elf on the shelf.

It’s a divisive festive subject isn’t it?

I’d say easily on par with important Christmas questions people get so passionate about like real tree or artificial? Turkey or gammon? Stockings or no stockings? Dare I even mention Christmas Eve boxes?? People do seem to have pretty heavy opinions about it all.

A Magical Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party

When I threw the girls a sports day themed un-birthday party in the summer I thought I had hit the jackpot. It was fun, easy to organise, inexpensive, inclusive, and around about a time when nothing much is going on (other than normal busy family life that is!) It was basically just really enjoyable for me which, let’s be honest, is the premise of lots of party planning….second to the child’s enjoyments obviously.