Strawberry Picking at Scaddows Farm | Derbyshire

Strawberry picking Scaddows Derbyshire

There is so much to love about every season. As every month goes by there is something new to appreciate. As the rich autumn colours and crunchy leaves turn into sparkly Christmas magic which dissipates as quickly as it came making way for new starts and fresh adventures. The chance of snow lessens as Spring creeps in and with it comes promise of sunshine to allow a coatless walk, daffodils to brighten up the landscape and bluebells to cover the woods under foot. The blossom falls and blows in the wind like confetti, the yellow rapeseed fields are replaced with the golden hue of corn and the temperature finally rises to bring with it the epitome of British summer as we know it. Strawberries!

Pretty much from the moment June arrives I am on the countdown to strawberry season and checking the website of our favourite place for weekly updates on their progress. We have been going to Scaddows in Derbyshire for years and years, even before we had the children and it is just the best place. Yes we have on numerous occasions tried to grow strawberries in our own back garden and yes we might get a good yield of 5 or 10, but at Scaddows there are strawberries as far as the eye can see.

It’s a fruit farm and shop so they do have other fruit but the strawberries are literally the best. We took Eva on her very first strawberry season when she was 5 months old, she was strapped to Eddy’s chest in a carrier just watching the world go by, pretty oblivious really to what was happening around her but it was the beginning of a tradition that we unknowingly started that day. We have been every year since, even through her intolerance to strawberries we went as it is more about the occasion than it is about the eating (although we are all very glad she came through that one to enjoy the amazing taste of English summer).

I do love a little tradition though and even better when you can capture the moment on camera and look back in years to come and see them grow. I remember last year so vividly, it was just before I was due to go in for an operation to have my tonsils removed and it was just the most perfect day, I remember it being really relaxed together just doing something so simple. In actual fact that was the second attempt of the weekend as the day before it threw it down with rain and we had to make a mad dash for it through the strawberry fields with Eddy holding a child on each hip back to the car!

This year we went and it was glorious, just as sunny as that very first time and both girls ran off to pick strawberries all by themselves, we didn’t need to hover over them as they went along together choosing the most perfectly red ones and placing them gently into the basket – or sometimes throwing them in there rather excitedly. It gave me a little insight into their relationship as they wandered off, how that changes our place in the family and how amazing that feels. The baby days are definitely behind us and we get to be the lucky ones that can watch as they adventure off together and have that special bond. I took some pictures and then we all filled the basket up with more strawberries than we could probably eat!

I did of course have to remind them not to eat said strawberries and that we do indeed have to pay for the fruits of our labour before they make it into their mouths. Some listen more than others I have to say! It is just a really nice relaxed way to spend the day and I am sure we will be back before the end of the season for strawberries and onto the raspberries and gooseberries or even their new homemade wine.

If not then we will no doubt see it all again next year.


I shared some of our photos for my ordinary moments post but here are just some more of my favourites aswell as a couple from years gone by. Forgive me it is such a beautiful farm it’s impossible not to take lots and lots of photos, well that is if you are me!

Strawberry picking Scaddows Derbyshire

Eva’s very first year above and Roma’s below, both 5 1/2 months old and one definitely looks more interested than the other!

Strawberry picking Scaddows DerbyshireStrawberry picking Scaddows Derbyshire

Last year above and this year below, wow have they both changed especially Roma of course but still intent on eating them all!

Strawberry picking Scaddows DerbyshireStrawberry picking Scaddows Derbyshire

Nothing to see here, just being caught out eating……again.

Strawberry picking Scaddows DerbyshireStrawberry picking Scaddows Derbyshire

I love how happy and proud she is here and the fact that her little finger is poking out, she may look like Daddy but her mannerisms are all me!

Strawberry picking Scaddows DerbyshireStrawberry picking Scaddows DerbyshireStrawberry picking Scaddows DerbyshireStrawberry picking Scaddows DerbyshireStrawberry picking Scaddows Derbyshire



  1. July 8, 2017 / 9:57 am

    How lovely. Sitting here in the middle of winter in the southern hemisphere you have transported me, if temporarily, to summer.

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