Sisters – August 2018 {Siblings}

Sisters August 2018 Siblings

For the first time in ages, or maybe forever, I actually forgot entirely to write this siblings post. Which I think is an accurate representation of summer holiday life right!? Just keeping all the balls in the air…just about, and soaking up every single moment which means barely knowing the time or the day nevermind the date! But as I sit here waiting for a man to come and hopefully get rid of a wasps nest that very lovingly greeted us from our summer holiday in the roof of our garage, and the children are playing nicely and quietly together (albeit making the place look like a bombsite in the process) I thought I’d take the chance to catch up.

So this month goes a little something like this. “I love my sister she is the best thing ever this summer holiday is going to be amazing to be together please can we do everything together all of the time like eat and sleep in the same space and wear the same clothes and EVERYTHING”. “Oh my gosh give me a minute, get out of my face, leave me alone, MUM Eva is doing this (insert whine here) MUM Roma is doing that (insert wine here), she doesn’t want to play, she isn’t playing right, she laughed at me, MUM she keeps turning Alexa off” Times 1000. Sound familiar?? Slight side note that the voice activated music might not have been the best idea. Baby shark anyone?

In all seriousness though it has been amazing seeing them have such an expanse of time together because as much as they do like doing their own thing; the relaxed time to really play and get to know each other has been priceless. When days are not book ended with frantic school runs just trying not to forget something and all get out the house wearing shoes, or making sure everyone is fed and bathed at the other end with just general mundaneness (not sure that is even a word!). Everyone just has more time, more energy, more patience and I guess more focus too. There is no homework, no classes, no need to be anywhere or do anything we don’t just choose to do because we want to and that’s pretty special in this family. I feel like they have really clicked with each other again as days feel longer and time stands still.

We have also had our summer holiday to the Netherlands (posts and videos in the making hence the forgetfulness here) and they were absolutely ace. Total utter traveling pros and for such a long drive and road trip there was only one tantrum where everyone ended up screaming at each other, everything else was perfect. Which really isn’t a word I use lightly. I really couldn’t have asked or expected more of them to be fair and as much as I don’t want to brag, or be smug, I also kind of do because I honestly thought that at times it might be a complete nightmare and we’d end up pulled up at the side of a road refusing to get back in the car until they stopped bickering (which I have been known to do on the school run which is a little less than a 10 hour drive away, true story).

They have supported each other, encouraged the other, played together and the other day I actually didn’t hear a peep from them for two whole hours. I mean the house was littered with stuff in every inch of every room (or so it seemed) but my goodness I’ll take that for two hours. Result! Their tolerance for each other has increased, their characters really shining as they are learning more and more what each can get away with. They are always wanting to do the same thing, chasing each other and I’m sure there will be times I won’t say this but I just feel lucky and I want to treasure how they are at the moment.

The thing that gets me most is that they egg each other on, they play the team game with me especially and as much as that frustrates me and goes too far almost every time I just love the glint in their cheeky little eyes. It makes me melt in an instant because after everything we have gone through as a family I still feel lucky that they have each other to do that. Lets just hope they remember that when they are fighting teenagers and they hate each other (I still live in hope that they we be best friends forever) because right now I don’t think we could have it better.

Of course I feel like I need to do the opposite of a sh*t sandwich here and say I’m not boasting or being smug, saying it’s down to my parenting (it isn’t) or saying we have it easy all the time (we don’t). They don’t always get on but truthfully for now at least they do choose to be around the other for the majority of the time and I actually feel pretty lucky in that department. So much so I just need to write it down! I want to be positive and real and I actually think there is something pretty special about appreciating the happiness that we have no matter how big or small. To be able to aknowledge the moments that are good, to reinforce them and be able to appreciate them without being seen to glorify them or worry you will make others feel bad who don’t have that. My blog will always be about appreciating what I have but just now I want to make sure I document truly how thankful I am at times like this and to recognise that being happy comes from these simple things we sometimes fail to appreciate so close to home and not what could be, but what is. And I definitely don’t want to forget these moments right now, the way they hold hands, the way they look at each other first, or are fiercely protective, even the moments when they squabble can feel good when looked at in the right way. You know as long as they don’t go on too long and start to drive you crazy that is. Those moments can be chalked as ‘one of those days’!

Anyway I have gone off on a bit of a tangent there I just guess holidays make me feel lucky, and I am 100% a better Mum without the school run and with more time on my hands too, maybe that has a lot to do with it all. Oh and the sunshine, gosh I love summer, I never want it to end! We have three more weeks of no big plans stretched ahead of us and they cannot wait to take each day as it comes.

In terms of photos a couple of months ago I accidentally had a sort of round up post of photos rather than dedicated ones (not at all because I forgot, nope!) But I actually liked it like a snap shot of their month together so I thought I’d do that again this month as with so much time together I have so many and I love each and every moment, they say so much about their relationship and how similar but different they are…even the not so good ones

Sisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 Siblings

This is probably one of my most favourite photos of all, when a huge waves comes in that we weren’t quite expecting and Evas first reaction is to reach out for Roma. Now that is love. And Fear!

Sisters August 2018 Siblings

She can also be bored by her (the contrast in this picture never fails to make me laugh) and Roma was so protective over a musical mushroom that she does not share the same loving thoughts and pushes Eva off – made worse that Eva pushes back and doesnt move making it for a good old fight in the middle of a theme park. There is only one winner though and only one who ends up crying, and it isnt the littlest! It isn’t all sunshine but it is all part of the sibling package and for now at least the good outweights the bad and I’ll take that.

Sisters August 2018 SiblingsSisters August 2018 Siblings

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