Our Activity Advent 2020 & How We Have Changed It This Year

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Advent 2020

For years we have made our own advent calendar and filled it with little activities to do each day. Some small, ordinary moments that take less than 10 minutes out of the day. 10 wonderful joy filled minutes. Along with the occasional BIG ones, like visiting Father Christmas in Lapland last year. I am not sure I can ever top that particular day!

Autumn {Half Term} Bucket List

Autumn Bucket List Pumpkin picking

I may say this every year but I am not a big fan of Halloween.

What I am a big fan of is making the most of the season and time that we are in. Whilst also not being naive to the fact that Halloween is everywhere so you can’t exactly avoid or ignore it can you? Especially with children. What you can do is hone in on all the lovely (non scary) aspects and do them to the max. To find what you like about a season, or a ‘holiday’ (is Halloween technically a holiday in the UK?) and make it your own.

Essentially that’s the pumpkin spice and all things nice part. The cosy knits, candles and crisp sunshine with the excuse to hunker down of an evening with a glass of red and a good book.