Happy 6th Birthday Eva Dee

Happy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloon

Dear Eva

Today, at 3.46pm exactly, you turned 6 years old. 6 whole years since you came into this world, this world that would not be the same without you in it. In fact you pretty much make ours. People say that a baby turns your world upside down but I can tell you that you definitely turned mine the right way up and from that very moment we have been a team.

We have walked together, we have learnt together, we have laughed together and we have hugged tighter than I knew was even possible. Yet every fibre of my being would hold you tighter still if I could.

I am so very proud of you and even though I always feel sorry for you having your birthday in this in between stage of Christmas and new year and the fact that sometimes people forget what day it is never mind adding a birthday into the mix, I have to say I am also very pleased that it means I never have to share you on your special day.

You, my baby, are the most mature, loving and genuinely kind hearted little person I have ever known. You have a maturity beyond your years and truthfully I am happiest when I see you laughing or getting caught up in the most childish of things, mostly with your sister, as this is the magic of childhood you don’t want to miss.

Talking of your sister, this year has been so so amazing, you have turned into the best of friends and you are just the best sister a girl could ask for. You have your caring, mothering nature, your bossy boots words and oh so adorable mischievous laughter. It has been a joy to watch as you grow up together, to forge a bond like no other and to put her first even when you don’t need to. You can still be shy and unsure sometimes in unusual and crowded situations especially with other children, but your little sister sure helps you with that seen as she doesn’t seem to have a shy bone in her body. It is lovely to see you gain as much from her as she does from you, and that is alot.

You are bright and have a fascination for facts and reading. You love nothing more than telling people all about what you know, in fact about anything at all. Because that’s another of your favourite things, talking! You are rarely quiet and whilst that exhausts my ears I never want it to stop. I do of course have to remind myself of that sometimes but when you are at school it seems so quiet I realise that you are by far the glue that holds us all together.

You have a fashion sense all of your own which often causes you to sit in front of your full wardrobe and declare you have ‘”nothing to wear”. Or you raise an eyebrow, and a corner of your lip when I come home with clothes which are met with a nonchalant “it’s alright”.  Already. I fear we may have trouble with you!!

You continue to go through alot in your little life and take on much more than I would wish for you but you do so with a bravery that I totally admire. You are a sensitive soul that is not afraid to cry and I hope that you always feel safe enough to do that with me. You are brave and you are beautiful, inside and out.

I love you with all of my heart Eva and I can’t possibly find the words to tell you how much. Because actually it can’t be told. It can only be felt. But that’s ok because I know you feel it too. You fill my days with your joy and laughter and to me you are pure perfection.

Little Dot, Little Dee, Baby, Baby Girl, Baba, Vava – you have been called many things but you are my soul mate, my best friend, my Eva Dee.

Happy Birthday baby girl. It has been 6 whole years and I have loved every one. Thank you for being mine but most of all thank you for being you. I wouldn’t have you any other way.

As always if I could choose any 6 year old, I would always choose you.



Happy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloonHappy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloonHappy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloonHappy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloonHappy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloonHappy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloonHappy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloonHappy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloonHappy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloon


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