Me and Mine – July 2018

Me and Mine July 2018 Family Photos

Yay for summer! I am not over here to complain about the weather, nope, not one bit. Yes it’s a bit sweaty in places (sometimes places on your body you didn’t even know could sweat), yes it is a bit of a nightmare with Eva’s skin and the fact she is allergic to all but one suncream that we have found out this week has been discontinued, I mean come on…and yes sometimes everyone is a bit tired and miserable because who can sleep in a bedroom that is hotter than the sun? But oh my gosh it is glorious! The sunshine means so much more freedom and impromptu days and I simply blummin love that.

We have done lots of just doing things because we want to and because we can this month and our me and mine photos perfectly reflect that. As you probably know I love to take these family photos each month (everyone else has to be somewhat encouraged but lets gloss over that fact) and I usually know where I either want to take them (hello daffodils, rapeseed, bluebells , poppy fields and Autumn leaves!) or where we are going that month together that would give us the opportunity to snap away. But this time was different.

Gone are the days when I only take me ‘big camera’ out on days I think are worthy of photos, although of course I do that too, currently writing up a flower fields post which was pretty much a 4 hour round trip solely to take gorgeous photos! These days though I practically always have my camera to hand and I love that whenever the moment arises I can quickly capture it. I actually think I spend less time taking photos because of it and the ones I do take are more candid moments of things we are doing anyway which I really like. Even better when your sister is there to lend a helping hand too!

We spend quite alot of time with my eldest sister and a couple of weekends ago (I know look at me getting them early) we went to a riverside pub for a drink and a stroll. It has the most beautiful backdrop and so we walked down the river where the girls stopped at a little break in the river bank to watch some dogs paddling in the water. They both say they are scared of dogs yet love watching them from afar. Go figure.

Once the dogs had gone and we were sat looking out to water together they asked if they could dip their toes in with that look in their eyes of pure innocence and side eyeing each other with pure mischief. I glanced at Eddy and with a nod a relaxed ‘why not’ smile was exchanged and before we knew it we were all hobbling over the sharp stony bank barefoot into the water feeling the cold easing our hot toes and searching for the very best stones to skim…or rather throw if you are anyone besides Eddy! Why is skimming stones so hard!?

It is like Eddy is playing his own really competitive game of skimming stones here though and noone else is even paying attention which makes me laugh a little bit harder each time I look at it! I mean look at that tongue of concentration. I think it says alot about his character right there. And alot about ours that we are all just messing about. I am not sure we have birthed him a kindred spirit with his sporty competitive edge, although I guess with Roma there is still time!

We stayed there for ages just paddling and laughing – mostly at Roma who managed to dip her skirt right in as you can probably see. It became so sodden it started to slide down her legs with the weight and she ended up in just her pants. Meanwhile Eva, who was already wearing cycling shorts, was pulling them up in a Simon Cowell-esque fashion and tucking her tshirt into them despite neither being anywhere near the water. This says everything you need to know about the difference in my two children! Each one making me smile just as wide.

We managed to somehow dry our clothes and feet to head home, piggy backs and all but on the short walk decided that actually an impromptu dinner out in the pub playing card games (always equip yourself with cards people) and teaching them all about pooh sticks was called for. We arrived home late, with sweaty faces and dirty feet but happy as anything and this, is what I want them to remember. Not the dread of the six weeks ahead where productivity takes a nose dive and you try to plan everything so as to minimise the dreaded ‘I’m bored’ every five seconds taking over; but to know that when that sets in (which I am under no illusions that it will) we have the simple ordinary moments to cherish, as long as we are relaxed and we are doing it together.

Sometimes it takes just sitting back and watching to know that we are actually doing alright, and that alright is totally good enough.

Now if the sunshine could just stick around to make my parenting life easier that would be grand.


Thanks to my sister for saying yes when I pass you my camera, and for even lying on the floor in the dirt and sand (and ants) and standing in the river for the sake of a photo. That’s some serious sisterly love there! I can never say she isn’t supportive.

Me and Mine July 2018 Family PhotosMe and Mine July 2018 Family PhotosMe and Mine July 2018 Family PhotosMe and Mine July 2018 Family PhotosMe and Mine July 2018 Family PhotosMe and Mine July 2018 Family PhotosMe and Mine July 2018 Family PhotosMe and Mine July 2018 Family PhotosMe and Mine July 2018 Family PhotosMe and Mine July 2018 Family PhotosMe and Mine July 2018 Family Photos

Although this is probably the least attractive picture of me ever I love that it captured the moment Eddy almost fell in the water! Almost.

Me and Mine July 2018 Family Photos

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  1. July 31, 2018 / 4:47 pm

    Ah Laura, these are just summer right there! I love paddling in the river, always feels so special and makes me feel like a child again. It really is the simple things. No-one can skim stones in my family either – not even my husband! Straight to the bottom they go with a big plonk!

  2. August 1, 2018 / 3:26 pm

    Aww Laura what a lovely collection of photos. I agree what is there to moan about our summer, it has been incredible. And full of lots of lovely little moments which otherwise may not have happened. #meandmineproject

  3. August 1, 2018 / 8:33 pm

    This reminds me of my own childhood so much, we used to have a river that we always went to just to this. It’s definitely moments like this that I remember and I’m sure our children will too x

  4. August 2, 2018 / 9:39 am

    Your hubby is hilarious in these photos. He is like a big kid. lol I wish my hubby would be so enthusiastic taking photos. Whenever he heard family photo he is dreading it. haha #meandmine

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