Photography – A Journey not a Destination

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I adore photography. The way that one picture can tell a story, the fact that even if you have an awful memory like mine you just have to look at a photo, a moment captured for all the memories and emotions to come flooding back. That moment frozen, in time forever. That for each person that looks at said photo and indeed that was in it has a different story to tell.

I have always taken photos, I was the one with the disposable camera at a sleepover, party or on a night out. The one to take far too many photos on holiday that are rarely looked through but so great to have. If not slightly embarrassing before the age of digital where you can delete the double chins and images of you wearing over-sized clothes with a bottle of hooch in one hand and a cigarette in the other – talking for a friend there obviously!

Although I like to think that I have a good eye for a photo, I am still at the beginning of my journey and learning how to transfer the desired effect from eye to screen. I’m learning my way around my dslr much more (or the one I bought for my husband that is. The one that is actually in my hand much more than his!) and getting to grips with the way I like my photographs to look. Because that’s the thing with photography, it is as individual as we are, our style, the way we dress, do our hair, decorate our home or raise our children and I’m finally getting into my style. Having my Little Ladies has really helped with this and the fact that I want to soak up as much as I can of these early years that go by so quickly and sometimes in a blur of day to day life. Truth be told they won’t remember this time so to have these memories captured is really important to me in the best way I can. Our family. Every day brings something new, a new adventure, a new ordinary, a new centimetre grown – or a new wrinkle. I love that when I take photos that even if I take the same shot on a different day things have changed and we will never be exactly the way that we are in that very moment.

As much as I have so much to learn and have made it a priority to do this year I really think that it is a journey with no real destination. There will always be new things to learn, new ways in which we would like to take our photography, technology changes and so do we. At the moment my aim is to improve my capture of my children, just the way they are – never sitting still! To understand the mechanics of bringing the photo to life and how to really photograph my children in the moment. Yet in a few years when they are off doing their own thing more, making a life for themselves outside of my arms and hopefully will sit still when I ask to take a photo. I will have a new focus. I do enjoy photographing anything really interiors, fashion, food, scenery but of course the most beautiful and joyful is my Little Ladies. Moving subjects is a total different ball game and I would welcome any tips!

A few weeks ago I wanted to take some photos of R for a post; so armed with my camera I spent far too much time chasing a lively 13 month old around the room to not only get her to blink but to stand still long enough for me to take a photo and capture this adorable moment in action. Of course I didn’t get the shot I really wanted but out of the 100’s I took there were some really nice ones that I will treasure. Here is one of them but you can read the post and see some more here.


E came up to me then and asked rather innocently if I would like to take a photo of her eyes, she said “I promise I’ll stand still mum!” So of course I dutifully did so. I took the photos, we had a laugh and I put the camera away as we played for the rest of the afternoon. It wasn’t until later when I downloaded the photos onto the PC that I really noticed the ones of her, really looked at them. I absolutely love them. Although not perfect in a lot of ways I am so proud to say I took it. I love it in colour but then the black and white version to me just has such a soft feeling to it and makes it pop. There is this first one that I think is just so beautiful it’s probably one of the best I have taken. I love the details it captures of my 5 year old E. The light shining onto her innocent face and the beauty that I hope she always sees as much as I do. The little button nose that they both inherited from me and those long lashes that they definitely didn’t. It’s a funny thing photography, a bit like life I guess, the best moments come out of something you least expect.

Photography DSC_0642 (2)

Photography DSC_0642

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