Me & Mine Family Portrait May

This months Me and Mine is going to be a short one for me, for one reason or another I am just not really feeling it all at the moment

(blogging I mean), truth be told I sit down to write and the words just don’t come, I feel a bit out of my depth, I don’t know my place and ultimately a bit lost. There is no real reason for this bar everyday life and I am sure that given some time and less pressure from myself I will be back with posts longer that I mean to because I literally cannot stop the words from flowing. For now though, this isn’t it.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t that the month has been all bad, it has been filled with lots of days out and time together and we are currently half way through half term too, in parts as a family it has been lovely, it has just been a little emotional too with sleep deprivation, illness and the likes and I guess it’s that balance that hasn’t quite been there. But with that in mind I am going to do my best to make sure the next one is full of that infamous balance and hopefully a happier one too.

Funnily enough these photos to me are probably a reflection of how I am feeling. It took three separate days and attempts to even get the camera on! At the weekend we went to an Arboretum close to us where I planned the take the photos near some beautiful steps, I got the camera, the tripod, the memory card and the battery, winning right? Except I had forgotten the adapter to fit said camera to said tripod. Oh well we still had a few days, try again.

Attempt two came when we went with one of my sisters the next day to a local festival, I remembered the adapter, even better my sister could take them, but I forgot the memory card! After borrowing one from her I thought this would be the perfect day, the ease and the story. Except the heavens opened in spectacular fashion as we ate soggy noodles under umbrellas on a plastic bench and had to abandon the day out altogether in favour of hibernating at my sisters playing games.

Attempt three, yesterday, the last possible day and with all the pressure and none of the enthusiasm we headed back to the Arboretum this time with all the equipment I needed. Except noone was particularly happy about it and I think you can tell, there is always someone looking away, or mad, there is a grumpy husband, an under confident wife and children who just want to run off, but I wasn’t going to miss this month because even though that is the truth, it is the truth of my little family right here in this moment and no matter what happens this was us now and I know I will still be happy to have captured it.

And hey, maybe one day we will look back and laugh when we remember the time an old lady went by as I ran to stop Roma from knocking the tripod over and with a knowing smile said “now that’s a true family photo, where at least one of them is running away” and suddenly I knew this isn’t an ‘our family’ thing, this isn’t a generational thing, this, is a family thing.

So this is Me and Mine, my family, right here, right now, and you never know, maybe next month too!


Me & Mine Family Portrait May Me & Mine Family Portrait May Me & Mine Family Portrait May Me & Mine Family Portrait May Me & Mine Family Portrait May Me & Mine Family Portrait May Me & Mine Family Portrait May

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  1. Love it – so true too – the typical family photo has all east one person trying to escape or showing a grumpy face 😀 hoping you’ll get your blogging mono back soon! #meandmine

  2. I’m sorry to hear you are all out of sorts at the moment. I think we all go through this and its good to take a step back and just let it ride by. I’m sure you will feel it again soon. That old lady is right, the best family photos are with a child running away! x

  3. Getting a family photo of everyone looking and smiling at the camera can be a challenge! These turned out great though. x

  4. We have those moments all the time! Usually one runs off and the others are being cheeky lol I guess its just showing the honesty of parenting though, all the best memories! xx

  5. I think feeling out of sorts every now and again is part of the blogging journey, I’ve definitely had a couple over the years. I think it’s an opportunity to take a break, only write when you feel inspired, maybe keep a note pad at the side of your bed. Love the fun element of these photos #meandmineproject

  6. Oh I have had so many out of sorts with my blogging don’t worry it’s natural we all get it and goes up and down and we jump back to it. These are lovely hunny. Good you had the whole path alone too no one walking in we always try this but it’s so busy at our park that people are always in the background. I am not very good at blur! lol #meandmineproject

  7. I love those pictures of you by the little den… gorgeous! I think we’ve all been there with the blogging thing… tiredness has a lot to answer for!! Thinking of you lovely, and hope you’ll push through it!

  8. Bless you lovely – I totally get this – we also had a few attempts – one ended in a tantrum, and one ended in duck poo everywhere! Hence our boring b&w ones haha! I’ve been feeling meh too, just wanted to send a hug, always here if you need a chat #meandmine

  9. Lol, very true that a typical family photo has one running away or at least one not looking at the camera! Love the photos in the den. Hope you manage to find the right balance for you next month – it sounds like May was a tiring one.#meandmineproject

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