Our Family Summer Bucket List – 2020 {In Lockdown(sort of)}

What a year so far! I truly cannot believe it is the summer and we have already been at home for over 4 months already. 2020 will be known for the year of muddling through for sure. So we have finished home schooling, breathed a sigh of relief not to have people to answer to and lessons to juggle into our already crazy busy life yet here we are also staring down the barrel of more time at home. So much of the same right?

Fruit Picking At Scaddows – A Slice Of Normality

picking blackcurrants at scaddows

Our annual trip to Scaddows Farm in Derbyshire is truly a crown pleaser. For years and years (I’m talking when Eva was in a carrier whom is now a fully fledged almost 10 year old!) we have frequented this pick your own farm for strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. We even picked pumpkins last year, something we will definitely repeat if this weird world we live in in 2020 allows.

Letters From Lockdown – More Of The Same

Honestly I was not sure whether to write this lockdown update. Week 9 and there are no new feelings, no new news (I have to confess to not really keeping up daily anymore, a quick BBC News highlight is enough for me right now). I have written about every week so far so it seemed only right and I guess very usual to just have a bit of a ‘more of the same’ kind of week.

Nothing has changed (yet)