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I am not sure where the time has gone this month but between doing vlogmas and the usual school and Christmas craziness I have somehow forgotten completely to write my siblings post! I am sat here in the car with two crazy children in the back who are bouncing off the walls. Literally! Eva has a school party and with only an hour between school pick up and the party and no point in going home here we are, with an hour to kill so whilst they play alien invasions in the back I thought I’d take the opportunity to catch up and put some words to the pictures which thankfully I did have ready.

Despite the completely unorganised nature of this post (and quite possibly my entire life right now) it has been the very best month again for my two little sisters. Of course we are now halfway through the most magical month of the year which just makes me so very thankful and grateful that they have each other. A really simple thing happened this morning which struck a cord with me. You know that lightening moment that makes you think more than you normally do? Well on the school run Roma asked a question and I answered, naturally. Yet this was met with dismay, for it wasn’t me she was asking at all, but her sister.

Gone are the days that everything is directed to me, I am no longer an essential requirement in discussions and play and I will be honest I had a little tear. A happy one….mostly. You see Eva used to be my person, the little one that for 4 years was my go to, my little buddy and I wanted so much for so long to have someone else join the team, for me and for her, yet I could never have imagined how amazing that would become for them. That somewhat fleeting moment made me realise that she isn’t my person anymore, that time has passed because now they are each others. I know the feeling well as my go to person is my eldest sister. I know that at all times there will be someone at the end of the phone and I hope that I provide the same too because no matter if it is a serious issue or a funny quip that cannot possibly stay unsaid, or perhaps a sarcastic comment or two, everyone needs a person. I really do hope that my two will always be that for each other.

At 6 and 2 (ok very almost 7 and not quite 3) they are at this magical age of innocence. Eva is still young enough to laugh at the childishness that comes from Roma, she acts as the grown up by telling white lies to encourage Roma to do things that she should be doing or helping out. She is learning from us and that’s brilliant, it’s like having a little parenting helper. Yet she is still right in there with her, Roma idolises Eva so much that she will still pretty much do whatever she says. She will play games according to Eva’s rules without too much resistance (just yet) and they seem to be amenable to each other. Please don’t let this change, or at least not anytime soon because I just adore witnessing it.

I am aware though that there will come a time possibly in the not too distant future where Eva is suddenly too grown up to play with Roma, or where Roma will have too many ideas of doing things differently and it just won’t be the same. I want to document these special times whilst they last because right now we are in that pure magic stage where they are both old and young enough for that to be about as good as it gets. They fight of course, they bicker and they get irrationally annoyed by the other ones mere presence, but for the most these moments are fleeting and they soon gravitate towards one another once again and all is forgiven.

With December of course comes festivities and we have certainly filled our days and weekends with fun, the highlight so far was our day in London going to see Father Christmas on a boat. I love how these little things show the dynamics of their relationship, Roma was really nervous until Eva asked to hold her hand and suddenly Roma trusted that this must be ok. Total trust in her big sister. Our December also brings the Elf on the Shelf and advent, the pure look of joy on their faces when they frantically run around to see what the elf has been up to and the fact they always wait for each other to do these things together totally melts my heart. It really is something I look forward to each morning (and makes all the late night panicking worthwhile!)

We have also had snow this week! So much snow, in fact more than I think the children have ever seen. They were ridiculously excited when they realised, jumped up and down and raced to tell each other what they could do. They had quite possibly the most fun ever building a snowman, riding up and down the road on the sledge and jumping on a snow covered trampoline. Watching them sit together, one on top of the other on the quite frankly tiny sledge in the dark just to share in that moment, and because they couldn’t decide who’s turn is was…I mean seriously cute!

At home they are still in the stage where they are happy to please one another (mostly) and they desperately want to be involved in every aspect of the others life and day. Home times after school are becoming a joy with them going off to play upstairs or asking to do an activity together, honestly standing in the kitchen listening to them, or the bottom of the stairs for that matter, feels a real privilege and I love hearing what they have to say and how they talk to each other. There are some interesting negotiation techniques from both of them in order to get their own way. It makes me heart burst and me laugh so very much.

I am aware that this post is rather gushing (I blame Christmas) and believe you me we have had our moments this month and we have had whole months where they haven’t got on much at all but I am never shy to share the struggles so I want to be positive when I can too, and this month is definitely one of them. I am so proud of them and most of all they are proud of each other and I for one just feel massively thankful for that right now.

Now bring on Christmas, I cannot wait to see what it brings and the joy that they get from each other, although by the time I write another of these posts I will actually have a 7 year old and be just 15 days away from having a 3 year old too…you will find me sobbing in a corner somewhere wondering where the time went!


These photos here were taken just 24 hours apart yet look like a totally different month! One is a wintery walk at a local water park and the other at home in the snow. Please excuse the fence I was actually not going to use these photos because to me it is the fence of shame, the job that we have not gotten around to doing despite the paint being in the garage ready and all intentions to do it before winter struck, well clearly that didn’t happen and I am never one to sugar coat life so here are my photos and here’s me posting them and hoping that the cute faces take away from the fence of shame and in months to come when it is beautiful and grey all over I will remember how far we have come!

sisters siblings snowsisters siblings snowsisters siblings snowsisters siblingssisters siblingssisters siblings

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  1. These are such lovely photos of your girls. It’s so lovely that they got on so well. My heart always melts a little when I see my boys playing together nicely, there’s nothing better! x

  2. I know we don’t get snow often and I am loving everyone taking the chance to catch a few siblings snow play shots this month. It’s also my favorite month to look back over the year just gone and see how much they have grown up! #siblingsproject

    • It is definitely worth getting the photos when you can isn’t it? And I cant believe I didn’t remember to look back! might need to do that in January now x

  3. Loving the snow man. You are so lucky you got snow. My smallest has not seen snow before. We didn’t get any this year. Just sleet and wet. But the winter is not over yet. 🙂 Lovely shots.

  4. Such a gorgeous set of photos and I especially love that first one in the snow. We have a fence of shame too – I don’t like taking photos in my back garden for the same reason. Love how happy Eva and Roma look together and how lovely that they enjoy playing together so much – even with the little bickers and squabbles that come with sibling life too. They are both at such a lovely age for enjoying each other’s company and it really comes across in your photos. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas x #siblingsproject

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