Helping daddy taking down the shed

My husband is one of these people that just get on and do. If we have fleeting conversations of booking a holiday he has got brochures and his work calendar at the ready before I can even ask “pool or beach?” If we say we might go out he is at the door with his coat and keys tutting that it takes me sooo long to get ready even when he is ridiculously early. And if we talk about maybe getting rid of the shed that lives in our small garden to make room for the ugly trampoline the children love and give me back my decking ready for the sunshine, then he is there with a sledgehammer and a screwdriver texting my brother in law to see if he wants the wood.

That last one is what actually happened today. I am not saying he would ever do anything without 100% agreement but I would just say I am the planner, the over-thinker and the one to get emotional about change rather than the one to just do – like taking the stair gate off the other week whilst I was in the bath because in a very practical way we just didn’t need it anymore and me thinking it was a huge end of an era. For all the worry and eye rolling it causes me though it is probably quite a good thing as with two children in the mix and weeks that fly by in the blink of an eye I guess you do have to take the chance when you can.

But actually that is the thing, with the children I am so quick to say we won’t do something practical because we should do something fun, to wait and cram it into evenings or days off without impacting them, that it is just too hard to supervise children and try to make decisions at the same time. Of course this is partly true however the children absolutely love to help and I think I forget how much they actually learn.

As the rain gave way this afternoon Eddy’s “just see” about starting to take down the shed turned into loud bangs as we watched from the playroom. Inquisitive little feet jumped up and down and rushed to get their shoes and coats in order to go out and help and it was probably as much of an adventure for them as a planned day out would be, and they got to be a part of this with their Daddy.

Eva always loves to help us whether that be cleaning, washing the car or making runs to the tip where she gets to sit in the front, she just loves to help and I often wonder if these are the moments she will remember when she looks back at time with Eddy. To be a part of his job and be the one that got to learn and to be in the thick of it with him. Today she carried screws, moved wood and pretty much got as hands on as she was safely allowed to, whilst Roma just looked on and climbed in and out of the doorway and looked through the window!

Although this shed was here when we moved in, we wouldn’t necessarily have chosen it and it does take up quite a bit of space in our reasonably small garden I rushed to get my camera to document this change. We didn’t choose it but it is quite pretty. I knew that from now on every time I looked out of the window or sat in the playroom I would see a space – one that for a while I am not entirely sure will feel ‘right’.

So here are a few photos of Eddy and his little shadow helper who couldn’t take her eyes off him even for a minute. When we came in to give him space to get the biggest part of the demolitions done without fear of wood falling on a small child she just watched from the window checking his progress and shouting at him to be careful when he got onto the roof. As darkness fell and he took the last few slats out Eva watched from her bedroom window and clapped. It was so cute to see her so proud of him and definitely made me re-think the jobs we deem too boring, too mundane or not special enough for their childhood.

Maybe taking a huge shed down from the garden isn’t an ordinary moment but helping Daddy definitely is and I absolutely love to see them working together as a team and the fact that Eddy loves to teach her as much as she loves to learn. And hey, this house could possibly be a very productive one in the next few weeks as we set them both to work on all the other jobs on the list!


Helping daddy taking down the shed

Helping daddy taking down the shed Helping daddy taking down the shed Helping daddy taking down the shed Helping daddy taking down the shed Helping daddy taking down the shed Helping daddy taking down the shed Helping daddy taking down the shed

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  1. That is a big shed!! John does a lot of DIY around here and it’s amazing how fascinated the kids are by what he’s up to – it’s always a reminder that the simple things can be as much fun as the adventures, though like you I’m usually trying to cram as many adventures in as possible!

  2. Oh she really does look like she’s watching intently. I have a husband like that, although we both have our impulses haha #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. Gorgeous pics, and I am sure she will treasure the memories of working with daddy and helping him. My son is 6 and is the same with my husband and its so lovely to see. x #ordinarymoments

  4. Oh wow, look how adoringly she looks up at him! VERY clever to be able to dismantle a shed like that – super impressive. I think we’re both do-ers in our house but for different categories! I ‘Do’ all the big projects and planning of holidays etc but my husband definitely takes the lead on household jobs. #theordinarymoments

    • Clever or alot of brute force haha, that sounds similar here actually I am the one who plans every day life – too busy planning that he does the doing i suppose!

  5. That is one GIANT shed – it will completely transform your garden with it gone. I love that the children want to help their Daddy with everything – lovely photos x

  6. Natalie - Little Jam Pot Life

    That shed is rather lovely though! But change can be good if giving you more space! My littles are exactly the same with their Daddy and little projects, its so lovely to watch isn’t it. Oh goodness, i’m the same about change… I am yet to pack away baby clothes for the last time ever, they’re ready but I can’t bring myself to even though we need them out the way!! why all the change!! x

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