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Oh March! Anyone else missing the signs of spring that have usually graced us with their presence in photos by this time of year? Seriously last years was all about the daffodils and I left it until the last weekend again this month to see if they would perhaps suddenly spring to life. But nope, we are still wearing coats and hats wondering if it will in fact snow again!!!

I haven’t posted much on the blog this month. I am not sure really why and I definitely have content idea, photos and half written posts swirling around in my head but I am really struggling to find any words. Life has been a bit crazy with one little issue or illness after the other meaning less dedicated time for clear head space and I literally don’t have the words. None.

I sit at my computer and nothing comes out, my fingers hover over the keys and strangely I can barely make a sentence. Or then all I can think about is how I should be able to just tap away, I mean it isn’t as if I am writing a literary masterpiece, this is just our lives, our diary, for me, for the future but everything just seems to be a bit of a muddle at the moment. I think it is fair to say that I am hoping some much needed sunshine and relaxed days on the horizon are going to be the tonic that I need and I will be back with gusto sometime soon.

For now we took the chance on the one sunny day of the month (which thankfully fell on the weekend) to have a walk and a scoot at a local forestry centre. We spotted birds in the hideout and the girls made squirrels dens with the handfuls of leaves and sticks you see here. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that a pile of leaves and sticks in the middle of the forest floor was not the place for a squirrel. Who am I to squash their squirrel dreams, so they piled it up and left feeling happy!

As you read this we are just at the start of two weeks off for Easter and Eva at home. I am so excited. We don’t have big plans, Eddy doesn’t have alot of time off but the slow mornings are going to be amazing and much much needed, I want to try and reconnect a bit and really enjoy each others company. You forget how much busy daily life takes that away don’t you?


There aren’t lots of photos like usual, I didn’t push it with different angles or locations, it was a one shot thing and Roma is making a weird face (standard) so this is us in March, no daffodils to be found but hey, maybe next month.


me and mine Marchme and mine Marchme and mine March

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  1. Love these photos. Completely with you re half term, I have barely blogged this year because of studying and just being exhausted, so I am hoping for this half term to be the chance to recharge the batteries a little. Hope you have a fab break. x #meandmine

  2. The weather is crazy! I’ve posted snow shots in March, not a daffodil in sight. Have a lovely half term with your girls, I can’t wait for slower morning and not rushing x

  3. I’m waiting for daffs too, I’m determined to get some photos, never done it before. I think this crazy weather is playing havoc with the brain, it certainly is with mine. I love Roma’s face. Perfect.

  4. At first glance I thought, oh what a lovely photo, and then I saw Roma’s face and it just really made me smile! I can’t quite believe it’s April now, there are hardly any signs of Spring around here! x

  5. Gorgeous photos, looks like you chose a good weekend for them! Have a lovely half term x

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