Outfit Photo’s – A Little Holiday Tradition


A few days ago as we went about our ordinary mornings of getting ready for school and work Eva turned to me and said “Mum I miss taking outfit photos every day like when we were in France, shall we do it now?” And whilst I did explain that school uniform was probably not something that would be that interesting every single day she was so keen that I didn’t have the heart to say no. I did indeed take a photo of them in front of our newly painted but still a little tired garage door. The littlest had no shoes on because she was spending the day at home with my sister and they both had cheesy grins, but I dutifully posted it on instagram and went off to work.

It wasn’t until later that I looked at it and realised that I kind of miss it too. That I actually really love that grainy photo. As I scrolled through my instagram from when we were away it felt like a trip down memory lane and all the memories of those little moments came flooding back. Not the big adventures but the every day mornings where we would wave daddy off to work and then get dressed and just be in each others company. They somehow show so much more about their relationship on a day to day basis, and of course the cute little outfits.

Whilst some may think it is slightly excessive to take a whole months worth of clothes away in order to have a different outfit every day, it’s something I love. I have always had an interest in clothes and fashion and I love that I get to dress these little ladies in things that secretly I wish I could get away with myself! And who doesn’t like a bit of co-ordinating? I never thought I would be one of those mums to be honest but having two girls it is just too cute. It’s rare they are full on matching but once Roma was walking and really wearing proper clothes Eva would ask if they could wear the same, or similar. When we are shopping she will always see if they have the same in a size for her little sister and marvels when we buy something that either one of them has sort of matching at home.

Eva has a real sense of style and has always been vocal in what she wanted to wear herself. I remember when she was not even 3, having times where she would have a complete meltdown that she didn’t want to wear an outfit as we would be trying to get out the door of a morning. We actually put hooks by her wardrobe so that she chose the outfit the night before and then couldn’t change her mind come the morning, which thankfully worked, stopped the chaos of getting everything out just to decide, and something we still do today. But she does just loves to match her sister and for now it’s irresistible.

I often get comments about how they dress and ever since Eva was a tiny little dot in a scarf, hat and little mac I remember being stopped everywhere we went. Even this morning on the school run some of the mums were admiring Roma’s poncho (hand me down from Eva!) and saying how they both always look lovely. It was so nice. Don’t get me wrong I am not precious over clothes in the slightest, after all they are just clothes and should never get in the way of fun and adventure. But I think the day when they are horrified by the mere thought of me choosing clothes for them will be a sad one indeed!

So it became sort of a thing whilst we were away, they would get dressed and then stand by a wall, take a quick snap and be on our way to our next adventure. I adore looking back at them. Each and every one tells a story to me and you can see how they interact and a sneak peak into their day to day.

They aren’t photographically perfect, not even close, some are blurry, taken mostly indoors with my phone in poor light and sometimes with me pulling crazy faces at them to get them to look or with a husband out of sight on the floor in an attempt to get the littlest to stay still. But I wanted to post them, to remember something that Eva loved.

And because sometimes it isn’t about the perfect photo but about the perfect subjects.

And that they are.
So whilst I weep into my coffee about the fact I have lost the video I edited of our time in France which is delaying me publishing my posts about our actual time there. Here’s a snippet of our month… in outfit form!


DSC_7457 my little ladies in denim shorts and flowery topDSC_7674 holiday outfits my little ladies in pale denim dress and pale green dressDSC_6975 holiday outfits my little girls fashion in blue stipy dress and checked skirtIMG_3302IMG_3310IMG_3175IMG_3232IMG_3506IMG_3559IMG_3674IMG_3774IMG_3947IMG_4057 Fashion outfits for girls matching stripy next dressesIMG_4131IMG_4161IMG_4222IMG_4327IMG_4474IMG_4544IMG_4640IMG_4716IMG_4864IMG_4957


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